Malaysia, an iconic country situated in Southeast Asia, positioned just north of the Equator is making best use of the Forth Industrial Revolution to boost trade. The country has remarkably invested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop their fashion industry. In particular, the Malaysian Minister of International Trade and Industry, Darell Leiking, has continuously supported technological innovations to grow e-commerce opportunities for businesses and customers.

Malaysia has established favorable policies in the fashion industry, encouraging companies and start-ups to make use of disruptive technologies in their path for change.

SARATIX, a company operating in Malaysia, in partnership with Curstlr, an online tailoring company, have launched in 2019 Malaysia’s first fashion AI named Simultaneous Artificial Response and Action (SARA), with a user-friendly add-on for fashion businesses.

SARA is powered by Deep Learning Neural Network and Machine Learning. A mobile device suffice to measure any person’s body size within seconds and support many customers in a very short time [1].

Additionally, AI developments in Malaysia have gone beyond enhancing the country’s fashion industry, to attracting big international players. For instance, the world’s leading AI-firm Sense Time, signed an agreement last year with the Malaysian tech firm G3 Global to build the country’s first AI park. The two companies stated that the agreement [2] envisages a US$1 billion, five-year project to build a campus for research into computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing and robotics.

The increased innovation from AI, and the dynamism that it brings to the workforce will benefit not only the fashion industry in Malaysia but, in the long term, the broader economic and social fabric of the country will also benefit.