Our SOLUTION creates VALUE, shapes SOCIETIES and (re)establishes TRUST.



Events & Webinars


Young people reached


Global Awareness Campaigns

Skills Development Programs

Knowledge Products

Events, Shop4AI, Social Presence

Our work is Mindblending & Skillsharing

Global and multilateral, our Work is Collaborative, Inclusive and Citizen-oriented. Our SOLUTION creates VALUE, shapes SOCIETIES and (re)establishes TRUST.

Inform, Educate & Cultivate

Madame AI 

Knowledge Platform and playful learning tool developed on a multi-dimensional Algorithm to help understand AI and develop essential skills for the future.

Madame AI
  • Self assessment tool
  • Free tailored MOOCs
  • Raising Awareness campaigns
  • Content Mapp for online AI related resources
  • Interactive AI initiatives matching existing solutions

Knowledge Products

Quick processes for change. Smart research, foresight and other key tools to innovate for public policies, support business and embrace technological development.

Act & Address the reskilling (r)evolution
  • Accelerated research & tech development
  • Consulting on AI friendly policy formulation
  • Tailored skills development programs
  • AI friendly Global Standards capturing perceptions and attitude
  • AI Audit

Events, Social Presence

Be an AI champion!

The value diversity and inclusion. We ensure suitability and rise awareness locally to globally, and vice versa through our members, events, collaborators and experts.

AI Global Champions Community

Our AI Champions participate and organize many thought-provoking events, such as:

  • ImpactAthons
  • Campaign “Be an AI Champion! Donate money to inform 1 young person on AI”
  • Platform for Network, Debates, Events with access to expertise