Topic: Panel Discussion on Technological Innovation for Sustainable Development (virtual)

Date: 13-15 September 2021

At the WSF 2021, AI4DA hosted a lively panel discussion on the topic of Technological Innovation for Sustainable Development. The session engaged with the impact of innovative technologies, namely AI, IoT, IoB and Blockchain on sustainable development.

The session also reflected on four of the  “Innovative technologies-SDGs” dynamics. First, innovative technologies as enablers in achieving the SDGs and their potential positive impact. Second, innovative technologies as inhibitors of the realisation of certain sustainable development targets and the potential ways in which the negative impact can be understood and curtailed. Third, innovative technologies as an industry in and of itself need to be measured against the SDGs. Four, the need for sectorally tailored and regionally-specific regulations for innovative technologies that would serve to further boost the 2030 Agenda in the “new normal” of the post Covid19 world.

Full video from the WSF 2021 is available for all registered participants at link