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Kuwait –  August 19,  2019, AIDA was holding the first training session of the #TechnovationFamilies (former AIFamily Challenge) in Kuwait. Each family included children aged 8-16. Today, 8 months and 60 hours of training later, we are proud to announce that efforts have resulted in a Kuwaiti winner, from more than 250 entrants worldwide. The finalist family is invited to attend the global championship in Boston, Massachusetts USA,  on August 10-14, 2020, and pitch their solution to a community problem to AI industry experts and advocates. 

Technovation Families is a program run by Technovation that teaches parents and children about AI as it guides them through the identification of a problem in their community and how to develop a solution using AI. AIDA partnered with Technovation to lead this challenge in the GCC region and the news was announced during the AI@Good Summit in Geneva in May 2019

As a technology non-profit and the first to pioneer Artificial Intelligence social awareness and research in the MENA & GCC regions, AIDA has faced many challenges, which looking back, were important opportunities to learn and grow. On the ground in Kuwait, we have found strong support from local organizations which helped us implement a successful program. Special thanks goes to #GDG&WTMKuwait and to which provided us with additional volunteer trainers and helped raise awareness about the program, and to the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (#KFAS) that gave us access to their well-equipped training facilities. 

Through the program in Kuwait, families learned about fundamental AI concepts and its potential application to problems in their community. We have prepared a selection of artificial intelligence-based solutions developed by our participants, including the finalist family: 

  • Clean Kuwait: Family Manasi’s solution uses visual recognition to alert authorities about garbage bins that are full and helps keep Kuwait clean.
  • Safe Kuwait: This innovation is developed by the Aboughali family and uses AI to identify traffic law violations and make the roads safer in Kuwait.

Meet Al Mohammad Ali family, our finalists

We warmly congratulate the Al Mohamad Ali family from #Kuwait, who out of 250 submissions in 13 countries, was selected among 6 finalists to participate in a global AI championship in Boston, Massachusetts USA, on August 10-14, 2020. Sabah Hussain Almadani, Ayad Abdulhameed Almohamad, Fatemah Al Mohamad Ali (11 years old), AbdulHameed Al Mohamad Ali (9 years old), Abdullah Ayad Al Mohamad Ali (7 years old) have developed an app that uses visual recognition (AI) to identify local birds and protect endangered species. Their innovation is called  “Kuwait Bird Tracker” and the family will pitch this idea to the AI community during the championship. We are so proud of them and wish them very good luck!

Family Al Mohammad Ali, Winning Finalists Junior Category, Kuwait

We want to thank all families and collaborators for a fantastic journey of this groundbreaking program with us! 

Together for An Informed Society!